This website

I have spent around 13 to 15 hours on this website project, and it's now done. Nearly. The only thing currently not finished is the "CONTACT" link at the bottom of each page. This is a very exciting project that I hope to maintain in the future. But I do have to give some credit to:
w3schools (For their website template)
Trash icon by Icons8
Quill Pen icon by Icons8
(Those icons are used for people who have op access.)

Now the template was edited greatly so I can take some of the credit for that... But a lot of it was left the same.

This website doesn't seem like it took that long, it just looks like plain HTML. Take a second look. This website has:
A search function
An accounts system (Sign up, Login, and comments)
And each page is dynamic, meaning that I can edit it (within the browser), people can make comments, and I can even create and delete pages. I don't have to create a new html file for each page. Now that part may bore you cause it doesn't affect you, but that just makes sure that your comment went to the right page, and all. And it makes my life a whole lot easier...

That was a jumbled ton of nonsense.