How to get started with coding

What is coding? My definition is as follows: "Coding is the process of giving detailed instructions to a computer to do a particular task." This definition breaks apart if your using your computer for school or something like that, and not for coding. So I'll leave it to someone else to define it:

"The coding is he act and result of encoding. This verb, for its part, can refer to modifying the expression of a message or registering something through the rules of a code. It can also refer to the formation of a body of laws that is constituted as a system."

Now when your just getting started that definition sounds scary, it even sounds scary to me! So just think of it as giving instructions. Many getting started with coding games/exercises show you, while your dragging 'n dropping blocks, that all your doing is giving instructions to a computer. But why using Python is so special, is because you get to make something, or do something that's VERY specific. That might not sound interesting, but what if you wanted to make a video game. You would probably want it to be your own creation. It has to be detailed in a specific way so that it is different from someone else's video game.

Ok, so where to start? To get right into it, I'd recommend:
W3schools' Code Game (For VERY beginners.)
(Also for children, but good for learning more advanced instructions.)
It's good to float at Scratch for a while, but soon you might get bored of it. If so I'd recommend you learn Python:
Python's Official Website.
Raspberry Pi's Python projects
(Some of these projects will require a raspberry pi computer, but most you can do without it.)
W3schools' Python tutorial & reference

One thing that is sad about programming is that: the more you know, the less you know how to do. Meaning that you might think that making a 3D game with lots of complicated parts and all will be hard, yet if you work at it you'll get it. Well guess what, once you learn how to even display 2D graphics, you find out real quick that your game idea will never work, because it's too hard. Or you might even think that it isn't possible. Yes you should try to make big and cool things, but you will find your limits. It takes time to push past those limits, only to find new ones. One project after another, you will make progress. In time you might reach your goal.

Happy coding!

I still haven't gotten 3D graphics down.