Minecraft Servers Hosted on Azure

Azure's pretty expensive, but it is a wonderful platform for Minecraft server hosting. Now I'm kinda biased because Azure is the only platform I've tried, but it still works perfectly fine. Plus the easy remote desktop works wonders.
My Azure machine is 4GB ram which is about the recomended amount for a Minecraft server. But the problem is that it kept crashing when I set the Minecraft server ram to 3GB. The reason for this is that when the server lags, it panics over the 3GB limit and just crashes. Minecraft expects more from the Azure machine, yet it can't handle it. So the only solution I came up with was to lower the Minecraft server's ram. 2.7 GB is the compromise.
The command I use to run is below:

java -Xmx2700M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui

It hasn't crashed in awhile, but I still give admins access to the remote desktop just incase it crashes while I'm busy. (Just a note: my server is a private smp, that's why I'm not providing its ip.) I'm probably gonna make an article about how to host a Minecraft server, but this site is in its VERY early stages (as of 9/19/21).

I hope this article gave you a random piece of information.

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Also this is my first article...