Being a Minecraft Admin

I found a Minehut server called: OPmine3. (If you don't know what Minehut is, a link to their site is at the end of the article.) On the server it had a little staff apply villager. He's not there now, but you would trade like 8 dirt for a staff apply form. (Dirt is really easy to get.) Of course, the owners got a lot of staff applies all the time, but I decided to play on the server for a little bit before applying. It's a type of server where you mine from generating boxes. One box has dirt, another stone, iron, diamond, netherite, etc. I ended up playing for like maybe 2 hours, and then applied. I applied for builder (or helper), and continued on digging.

Maybe it was that day, or the next, that Minehut had to temporarily go down for like 2 hours due to maintenance. But I had already joined OPmine3's discord, so I could still chat and see what's happening on their server. Since the owner, m200h, was bored I asked him if I could show him some things I've built on another server. ( He let me show him a giant build I have on that server (if you want to see it go to cubekrowd, and in chat type the commands: "/cr" and "/p v Thbop") and he liked it. I decided to host a server on my machine for him to play around with command blocks, and he did. I thought that would gain me lots of trust, which I guess it did, because I became a builder once Minehut relaunched.

My next contribution to OPmine3 after some building on the server, was making a website for them. (Link to that below) Which was a pretty fun task because I got the opportunity to play with css parallax, which was fun. Anyways after making a nice little webpage for them, I wanted to do something more dynamic. That's when I found out how to use flask to get and receive data from the user when they're accessing your page. I had used flask before, yet I was disappointed because their lengthy documentation was confusing. But after some youtubing I found a flask function (or class/method) that used POST to get form data from html pages. I might explain this in another article, yet I found that very interesting. After some experimentation I had a server that could get form data from the user. This means that the user can talk directly with the Python code, which is very powerful in my case.

So instead of OPmine3 using Google Forms for their new staff apps (applications), they "started using" my forms. I think. Well it is a complicated situation, but it's fine because I got experience from that, and they got a free (that shouldn't be free) service. Well never mind, I did get Admin for that, and right now I'm HrAdmin, which I believe means High Rank Admin, but I don't know for sure.

I hope that helps anyone who wants a staff rank on a server to know that it usually takes work to get, in my case the work was beneficiary to both parties, and fun for me.

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OPmine3 (Official Website)
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It is now opmine4 which will be released soon!!! I am currently Developer on opmine4


Not anymore...